Fabricant : Microsoft
Type : Console de Salon
Début de production : 2 décembre 2005
Fin de production : 20 avril 2016

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Titre du jeu
007 : Legends
007 : Quantum of Solace
Alan Wake : L'écrivain
Alan Wake : Le Signal
Alien : Isolation
Anarchy Reigns
Afro Samurai
After Burner Climax
Alan Wake
Alice Madness Returns
Aliens VS Predators
Alone in the Dark
Alpha Protocol
America's Army : True Soldiers
American McGee's Alice
Army of Two : Le Cartel du Diable
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed II
Assassin's Creed III
Assassin's Creed III : Liberation
Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed Revelations
Assassin's Creed Revelations : L'archive perdue
Assassin's Creed Rogue
Asura's Wrath
Banjo-Kazooie : Nuts and Bolts
Battlefield 1943
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield : Bad Company
Battlefield : Bad Company 2
Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
Batman Arkham Origins
Batman Arkham Origins : Coeur de glace
Batman : The Telltale Series
Bee Movie : Le Jeu
Beijing 2008™
Bionic Commando
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
Bioshock 2
Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock Infinite : Tombeau sous-marin 1
Bioshock Infinite : Tombeau sous-marin 2
Bladestorm : LGDCA
Blood Stone 007
Borderlands : L'Armurerie Secrète du Général Knoxx
Borderlands : The Zombie Island of Dr.Ned
Borderlands 2
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel !
Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons
Brothers in Arms : Hell's Highway
Brütal Legend
Bully : Scholarship Edition
Burnout Crash!
Burnout Paradise
Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare
Castle Crashers
Castlevania : Lords of Shadow
Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2
Call of Duty : Black Ops
Call of Duty : Black Ops III
Call of Duty : Ghosts
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty : World at War
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 3 : En marche vers Paris
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
Call of Juarez
Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood
Call of Juarez : Gunslinger
Call of Juarez : The Cartel
Capitain America : Super Soldier
Cars 2
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
Castlevania : Symphony of the Night
Child of Eden
Clive Barker's Jericho
Colin McRae DIRT 2
Comic Jumper : The Adventures of Capitain Smiley
Condemned : Criminal Origins
Condemned 2 : Bloodshot
Conflict : Denied Ops
Crackdown 2
Crash of the Titans
Crash Time
Crash Time II
Crysis 2
Crysis 3
Dance Central 3
Dante's Inferno
Dark Sector
Dark Void
Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition
Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 2 : Crown of the Old Iron King
Dark Souls 2 : Crown of the Sunken King
Dark Messiah
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic : Elements
Dead Island/a>
Dead Island Riptide
Dead Rising
Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2 : Case West
Dead Rising 2 : Case Zero
Dead Space
Dead Space 2
Dead Space 2 : Severed
Dead Space 3
Dead to Rights : Retribution
Def Jam Icon
Deus Ex : Human Revolution
Deus Ex : Human Revolution : The Missing Link
Devil May Cry HD
Devil May Cry 4
Devil's Third
Diablo III
Dirt Shadow
Dishonored : La lame de Dunwall
Dishonored : Les sorcières de Brigmore
Dynasty Warriors 7
DJ Hero
DMC : Devil May Cry
Don King presents Prizefighter
Dragon Age II
Dragon Age : Origins
Dragon Ball Raging Blast
Dragon Ball Z : Burst Limit
Dragon's Dogma
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen
Drive Unlimited
Duke Nukem Forever
Driver Parallel Lines
Duck Tales : Remastered
Dust : An Elysian Tail
Dynasty Warriors 6
Dynasty Warriors 8
EA Sports MMA
Earthworm Jim
El Shaddai : Ascension of the Metatron
Enderal : forgotten stories
Enemy Territory : Quake Wars
Enslaved Odyssey to the West
Epic Mickey 2 : Le Retour des héros
Eternal Sonata
F1 Race Stars
Fable Anniversary
Fable The Journey
Fable 2
Fable 3
Far Cry 2
Fallout New Vegas
Fallout 3
Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon
Far Cry 4
Farytale Fights
Fast & Furious : Showdown
F.E.A.R. Files
F.E.A.R. 2 : Project Origin
F.E.A.R 2 Reborn
FIFA Street 3
Fight Night Champion
Fight Night : Round 4
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Fist of the North : Ken's Rage
FORZA Horizon
FORZA Horizon 2
FORZA Motorsport 3
Frontlines : Fuel of War
Game of Thrones : A Telltale Games Series
Gears of War
Gears of War : Judgment
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
GhostBusters : Sanctum of Slime
Goldeneye 007
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV : The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto IV : The Lost and Damed
Guitar Hero : Aerosmith
Guitar Hero 3 : Legends of Rock
Half Life 2
Half Life 2 : Episode One
Half Life 2 : Episode Two
Halo 3
Halo 3 : ODST
Halo 4
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo Reach
Handball 16
Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-Mélé
Hitman Absolution
Hunted : The Demon's Forge
I am alive
Infinite Undiscovery
Injustice : Les Dieux sont parmis nous
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Just Cause
Just Cause 2
Kameo : Elements of Power
Kane & Lynch : Dead Men
Kane & Lynch 2 : Dogs Days
Killer is Dead
King Kong
Kung Fu Panda : Le Jeu
L'Age de Glace 3 : Le Temps des Dinosaures
L.A. Noire
La grande aventure lego - Le jeu vidéo
La Légende de Korra
La Mémoire dans la Peau
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
La Terre du Milieu : L'Ombre du Mordor
Left 4 Dead
LEGO Batman : Le Jeu Vidéo
LEGO Batman 2
Le Seigneur des Anneaux : L'age des Conquêtes
Les Chroniques de Spiderwick
Les Mésaventures de P.B. WinterBottom
Les Royaumes d'Amalur : Reckoning
Le Parrain 2
Les Simpsons : Le Jeu
Life is strange
Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIII
Lollipop Chainsaw
Looney Tunes : ACME Arsenal
Lost Planet : Extreme Condition
Lost Planet 2
Madagascar 2
Mad Max
Mafia 2
Mafia 2 : Jimmy's Vendetta
Mafia 2 : Joe's Adventure
Mark of the Ninja
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Marvel VS Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne
Max Payne 3
Max : The curse of brotherhood
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor Warfighter
Men in Black : Alien Crysis
Mercenaries 2 : L'Enfer des Favelas
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain
Metro 2033
Metro Last Light
Mighty n°9
Mini Ninjas
Mirror's Edge
Mission G
Monstres VS Aliens
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe
Murdered : Soul Suspect
MX vs ARV : Unlimited
N3 II : Ninety-Nine Nights 2
Naruto :
Rise of a Ninja
Naruto : The Broken Bond
Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations
Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit
Need for Speed : Most Wanted
Need for Speed ProStreet
Need for Speed Rivals
Need for Speed Shift
Need for Speed : The Run
Ninja Blade
Ninja Gaiden II
Ninja gaiden III
Of Orcs and Men
Operation Darkness
Ori and the Blind Forest
OutRun Online Arcade
Overlord II
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
Painkiller Hell and Damnation
PDC World Championship Darts
Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
PES 2008
PES 2009
PES 2010
PES 2015
PES 2016
PES 2017
PES 2018
Peggle Deluxe
Phantom Breaker : Battle Ground
Portal 2
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia Classic
Prison Architect
Project Cars
Project Gotham Racing 4
Prototype 2
Quantum Conundrum
Race Driver : GRID
Radiangames JoyJoy
Rambo The Video Game
Rayman 3 hoodlum Havox HD
Rayman contre les Lapins Crétins
Rayman Legends
Rayman Origins
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption : Undead Nightmare
Red Faction Armagedon
Red Faction Guerrilla
Remember Me
Renegade Ops
Resident Evil : Revelations
Resident Evil : Revelations 2
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Resonance of Fate
Retour vers le Futur : Le Jeu
Retro City Rampage DX
Ride to Hell : Retribution
Ridge Racer Unbounded
Risen 2 : Dark Waters/
Risen 3 : Titan Lords
Rise of the Argonauts
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
Ryse : Son of Rome
SBK 08 : Superbike World Championship
Saints Row 2
Saints Row The Third
Saints Row IV
Saints Row : Gat out of Hell
Scott Pilgrim VS the world
Scene it ? Box Office
Secret Service
Section 8
Sega Rally
Sega Superstars Tennis
Shadow Complex
Shadow of the Damned
Sine Mora
Skate 2
Sleeping Dogs
Sniper Elite 3
Soul Calibur IV
South Park : le bâton de la vérité
Sonic CD
Soldats Inconnus : Mémoires de la Grande Guerre
Sonic Generations
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ep1
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ep2
Sonic Unleashed
Split/Second Velocity
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
Soul Calibur V
S.O.S. Fantômes : Le Jeu Vidéo
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
Specs Ops : The Line
Spider-Man Dimensions
Splosion Man
Star Ocean : The Last Hope
Star Wars : Le Pouvoir de la Force
Star Wars : Le Pouvoir de la Force 2
Star Wars The Clone Wars : Les Héros de la république
State of Decay
Street Fighter IV
Streets of Rage
Stuntman : Ignition
Super Meat Boy
Superstars V8 Racing
Syberia II
Table Tennis
Tales from Space : Mutant Blobs Attack
Tales of Vesperia
Tekken 7
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle : Des mutants à Manhattan
Tenchu Z
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The BIGS 2
The Chronicles of Riddick : Assault on Dark Athena
The Club
The Crew
The Darkness
The Darkness IIa>
The Dishwasher : Dead Samurai
The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
The Evil Within
The King of Fighters XII
The Last Remnant
The Orange Box
The Saboteur
The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition
The Walking Dead : A New Frontier
The Walking Dead - Saison 1
The Walking Dead - Saison 2
The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct
The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings
The Wolf among us
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010
TMNT : Les Tortues Ninja
TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2
Tom Clancy's EndWar
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Blacklist
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider : Anniversary
Tomb Raider Underworld
Tomb Raider I
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
Too Human
Top Spin 3
Top Spin 4
Transformers : Devastation
Transformers : Rise of the Dark Spark
Transformers 3 : La face cachée de la lune
Trials Evolution
Trials Fusion
Trials HD
Turning Point : Fall of Liberty
UEFA Euro 2008
UFC 2009 Undisputed
Vancouver 2010
Velvet Assassin
Viking : Battle for Asgard
Virtual Fighter 5
Viva Piñata
Viva Piñata : Party Animals
Viva Piñata : Trouble in Paradise
Virtua Tennis 4
Virtual Tennis 2009
Wanted : Les Armes du Destin
Warhammer 40.000 : Space Marine
Warriors Orochi 3
Way of the Samourai 3
Williams Pinball Classics
Wolfenstein : The New Order
Worms HD
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms 2 Armageddon
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008
X Blades
X-Men Origins Wolverine